(a little early) DIY Halloween Feather Owl Wreath

While browsing pinterest for a fall wreath idea last year, I fell upon a feather wreath that someone pinned that was being sold on Etsy for a crazy high price. But it got the hamster in my head going and I came up with what I think is an even better totally awesome wreath and it’s totally affordable.

I picked up a vine wreath at Michaels using my weekly 40% coupon, so it cost me around $12.00 cdn (I got the biggest wreath that would fit my front door)


For the feathers, I picked up black feather boas from the dollarama for $2.50 each (I ended up needing 6 for this size wreath). I tied a fairly thin beading wire to the loop at the end of the boa and secured it to the inside of the wreath and started wrapping the boa tightly around it. I tied each boa together with the same wire, as I went, wrapping it tightly so you can’t see any vine peeking trhough.


While at Michaels I looked through their halloween decor for inspiration and found a black feather owl, a really cute Trick or Treat sign, a blinged out spider and the all important black striped wired ribbon.

I attached the Trick or Treat sign using wire (again) and then I made a large bow with the wired ribbon and I hot glued the spider to the center of the front of the bow. I also threaded a piece of wire through the center of the bow and attached it to the wreath.


For the owl I attached it using a crap load of hot glue.

photo 3-11

To hang it on the door, I picked up a  wreath hook from dollarama and after hanging the wreath on it, I hot glued it to the wreath so it would stay in place (we get crazy wind on our street). Voila, a kick ass amazing wreath that people will think you paid ALOT of money for and won’t believe you actually made!


Ikea Hack – New mini side table

Our living room needed a small side table (and I mean small) for drinks.

Everything I found was too big and too expensive. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a table with hairpin legs but those damn things are expensive. $90 for 4 legs … that money would be wasted on this project, it wouldn’t give the legs justice. So now I need to find a place in the house for those legs with a new project… but back to this project.


My problem solving/creative brain kicked in and with pinterest and google images and Ikea, I realised I needed to think outside the box.. find something that wasn’t a table, and turn it into one.

Man those hairpin legs.. urgh I need to find a place for them..

So I fell upon a stool in the ikea catalogue that was the perfect size and height! Except, WTH, it ONLY comes in neon yellow or neon orange!? but at $19.99 it was a steal cause there’s nothing a handy can of krylon can’t fix. 


 So I settled on the neon yellow, I figured it would be easier to cover in white than that weird neon orange. (I’m pretty sure I was right)

Since it comes un assembled, it was a super easy project. I painted the top of the new “table” a high gloss white using a can of Krylon that I picked up for $6.95.


 Sasha and I waited for it to dry …


 When it was finally dry, I attached the legs and I ADORE IT!!!


The legs are unfinished so I’m left with the option of leaving them as is or staining them a dark grey/brown. I’ll sleep on that one for a while..

If you can’t find what you are looking , look at other things with similar shapes/sizes, you’re sure to fall on something that can work and don’t be scared to paint it!

XO Talie & Sasha

Bird Mobile(s)

Years ago I fell upon a bird mobile pattern from Spool Sewing and HAD to make one. The birds turned out great but balancing birds on various seperate branches and trying to get everything to balance was, well, hell so it’s still hanging in a closet unfinished. Fast forward to July of this year when I was decorating my then soon to be nephews nursery and thought I could make one but all on one branch! No balancing act so all the fun and no hell.

I googled Spool Sewing bird mobile and realised the website and pattern had been taken down. However I fell upon this lovely blogger who posted the PDF pattern and an explanation of why it disappeared.

With my boyfriend and dog in tow, off we went to the nearby woods to find the perfect branch. Branches need to speak to me, I told my boyfriend when he asked what was taking so long. So I found several branches that I felt had the shape and size I wanted, filled the car trunk (and part of the back seat) and went home.

Part of the fun (ok maybe 1/2 of it) was matching the various fabrics to get the perfect 7 littles birds…

Then I held up the branch to determine how I wanted it to hang so I could screw in the tiny eye hooks at just the right place. Next I threaded a very fine gauge wire and attached it to the eye hooks I already secured. I used 2 step ladders and an extendable painting stick as my assembly area. While my glue gun was heating up, I trimmed the branch, removing small branches here and there.

The rest is pretty obvious, I glued the birds to the branch, lol. After it was all done, I realised felt leaves would be a PERFECT add-on, so well, that’s what I did.



While I was sewing the perfect 7 blue birds for my nephew, I fell upon lilac fabric remnants and knew I HAD to make a 2nd mobile for my god daughters soon to be babies nursery. 



They are both so different yet so cute and I ADORE how they both turned out!

XO Talie & Sasha