Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge

During a late night Pinterest binge I came across a wall of frames, with some of the frames sitting on a picture ledge. It looked awesome and would totally transform the boring wall behind our oversized sofa.




I remembered seeing a wall display at Ikea that had a ledge from the Ribba collection, so off to ikea.ca to see if it still existed.. score! This was now my next DIY project! Poor Marc…


My dilemma – my sofa is oversized and the ribba ledge (even the largest one available) isn’t very long.  I centered it above the sofa and it was ackward and just not what I was looking for.




 So I  harrassed a few friends and did some more Pinterest browsing and came across this image and my inspiration was born!







My brilliant idea? Have it centered on the 2nd half of the wall and hang one of my existing larger frames on the 1st half.

So on a rainy October Saturday while Marc was away, I secretly took out his stud finder, level and new cordless drill. I hung the shelf, felt REALLY friggin proud and then put his tools away neatly ;)

Then I went to Homesense.. DUH.. I found the most awesome gold/bronze vintage looking frame, a new white frame that had a different thickness than the existing Ikea Ribba frames to add texture/contrast.

I ordered prints of several of my pictures and patiently waited. I ran out of patience about 10 minutes later so I dug up existing prints to test what size and shape prints I wanted in each frame, and did I want black & white or color. Without really thinking, I put up old pics of Talie and some sleepy Sasha prints. Marc came into the room and made a comment that it was a “Talie & Sasha” wall – GENIUS!

My new prints arrived, a new (final) frame purchased, some cutting, making mats and inserting pictures and I’m in Love with how it turned out.









P.S Playing with pictures of Talie was a bit sad, I miss her every day. But Sasha has started sleeping in her spot, next to me in bed, and that helps…