Ikea Hack – New mini side table

Our living room needed a small side table (and I mean small) for drinks.

Everything I found was too big and too expensive. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a table with hairpin legs but those damn things are expensive. $90 for 4 legs … that money would be wasted on this project, it wouldn’t give the legs justice. So now I need to find a place in the house for those legs with a new project… but back to this project.


My problem solving/creative brain kicked in and with pinterest and google images and Ikea, I realised I needed to think outside the box.. find something that wasn’t a table, and turn it into one.

Man those hairpin legs.. urgh I need to find a place for them..

So I fell upon a stool in the ikea catalogue that was the perfect size and height! Except, WTH, it ONLY comes in neon yellow or neon orange!? but at $19.99 it was a steal cause there’s nothing a handy can of krylon can’t fix. 


 So I settled on the neon yellow, I figured it would be easier to cover in white than that weird neon orange. (I’m pretty sure I was right)

Since it comes un assembled, it was a super easy project. I painted the top of the new “table” a high gloss white using a can of Krylon that I picked up for $6.95.


 Sasha and I waited for it to dry …


 When it was finally dry, I attached the legs and I ADORE IT!!!


The legs are unfinished so I’m left with the option of leaving them as is or staining them a dark grey/brown. I’ll sleep on that one for a while..

If you can’t find what you are looking , look at other things with similar shapes/sizes, you’re sure to fall on something that can work and don’t be scared to paint it!

XO Talie & Sasha

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