(a little early) DIY Halloween Feather Owl Wreath

While browsing pinterest for a fall wreath idea last year, I fell upon a feather wreath that someone pinned that was being sold on Etsy for a crazy high price. But it got the hamster in my head going and I came up with what I think is an even better totally awesome wreath and it’s totally affordable.

I picked up a vine wreath at Michaels using my weekly 40% coupon, so it cost me around $12.00 cdn (I got the biggest wreath that would fit my front door)


For the feathers, I picked up black feather boas from the dollarama for $2.50 each (I ended up needing 6 for this size wreath). I tied a fairly thin beading wire to the loop at the end of the boa and secured it to the inside of the wreath and started wrapping the boa tightly around it. I tied each boa together with the same wire, as I went, wrapping it tightly so you can’t see any vine peeking trhough.


While at Michaels I looked through their halloween decor for inspiration and found a black feather owl, a really cute Trick or Treat sign, a blinged out spider and the all important black striped wired ribbon.

I attached the Trick or Treat sign using wire (again) and then I made a large bow with the wired ribbon and I hot glued the spider to the center of the front of the bow. I also threaded a piece of wire through the center of the bow and attached it to the wreath.


For the owl I attached it using a crap load of hot glue.

photo 3-11

To hang it on the door, I picked up a  wreath hook from dollarama and after hanging the wreath on it, I hot glued it to the wreath so it would stay in place (we get crazy wind on our street). Voila, a kick ass amazing wreath that people will think you paid ALOT of money for and won’t believe you actually made!


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