DIY “Floating” Bathroom Shelves

Last March when I painted the bathroom, I was inspired to create 2 wall to wall floating shelves that I had seen on Pinterest.

After a month of deciding how thick I wanted them, and sourcing wood that wouldn’t cost a fortune, I got sick with pneumonia and just put all my DIY projects on hold. By mid July I was almost all better and started planning the shelves again. By then I changed my mind with the original design, the bathroom is so small, I didn’t want thick bulky shelves. I had such great success with the Ekby Bjarnum brackets from Ikea,

















but Ikea’s shelves are silver, white, birch or black/brown and I reallllllly wanted wood shelves that I could stain that rustic grey/brown color I was dreaming of since March.

So I started sourcing wood AGAIN, this time I needed wood that was 1″ finished, and most of the wood you find is 3/4″ finished. I finally found what I wanted at Home Depot, an 8′ X 1 1/2′ piece of unfinished pine. Since it didn’t go through the planer, it was 1″ thick! Woohoo! plus it had that rustic, knotty feel to it and at $20 for the piece, it was a steal. So with the 2 sets of Ikea brackets at $10 each, the stain and protectant at $10 each, this was a $60 project.

Now to make the shelves! Marc used his circular saw to cut the shelves to the right length and then I sanded them, to remove some of the roughness.




































After that we drove the shelves to my parents and Marc cut them to the correct width using my dad’s table saw.

I then resanded them with a finer grit, washed them clean with a damp dish rag and stained them. I used Saman stain and mixed “Urban Grey” with “Cocoa” to get the perfect chocolate/grey color I wanted. After the stain was dry, I used the same grit sand paper and hand sanded to add some of that rustic look I wanted.




















I wiped them clean again and applied 2 coats of satin finish water based varnish using a foam brush.

















We waited a few hours and installed them. I LOVE how they turned out! I still have quite a bit of “dressing” to do, which involves more shopping ;)

Here they are finished, with close up’s of the actual stain color.

IMG_4293 IMG_4294 IMG_4296

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